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Life is Precious Nowhi’Ida’bagoye’

Life is Precious Nowhi’Ida’bagoye’

Life Is Precious Mission Statement:

The Life Is Precious (Nowhi' Ida Bagoye') Program is dedicated to preserving the lives of tribal members who contemplate suicide, supporting them to find hope and providing the resources to develop the skills necessary to cope with the challenges they experience.

Emlyn George is a tribal member who has been working with ABHS for several years. She joined the Life Is Precious team in 2012. Emlyn is a Suicide Prevention Specialist providing community outreach to tribal members at risk. She is compassionate and dedicated to restoring hope when hope is lost, to seeing a future when the past seems overwhelming and finding the strength and courage to continue forward in the face of challenges. She is dedicated to her family and her community. Emlyn is a leader in the Life Is Precious Gathering of Elders Program and facilitator in the Wellbriety Program. Emlyn is a certified ASIST and S.A.F.E Talk trainer.

Billie Cosay is a tribal member with a long history of working to improve the lives of her fellow tribal members. As our newest Suicide Prevention Specialist she offers the program tremendous knowledge of how help those in need. Billie is compassionate and courageous. She is a strong dedicated parent committed to her family and the future of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Billie provides community outreach to tribal members at risk and facilitates the monthly Family Day Programs in Cibecue, Whiteriver and McNary. She is a facilitator in the Wellbriety Program and a certified ASIST trainer.

Millicent Kane is a tribal member who has been worked on the Life Is Precious Team since 2010. She is one of the team's first Suicide Prevention Specialist. Millie became the Life Is Precious Program Manager in 2013. Millie is a strong leader who cares deeply about the future of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. She is a dedicated mother of two young boys. She is committed to family and community. Millie continues to provide community based outreach to tribal members at risk. She facilitates the Healing Circles, Wellbriety Program and supports Chiefo Parker's Men's Group. Millie is a certified ASIST and S.A.F.E Trainer

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas with more than 13 years experience providing therapy services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. I have worked in behavioral health clinics, group homes and on military installations, working with the community support for each individual, couple and family. My specialized training includes trauma therapy, play therapy and clinical supervision. For three years before joining the Life is Precious Suicide Prevention Team at Apache Behavioral Health Services, I provided short-term, solution focused counseling and educational presentations serving military service members, families and government employees. Before moving to the White Mountains, I lived in Oklahoma with my husband Tony and our two cats, Betty and Molly. I love to read, watch basketball and play board/card games. I am currently serving as a mental health counselor as part of the Life is Precious - Nowhi' Ida' bagoye' - Suicide Prevention Team here on the White Mountain Apache Tribe reservation. The subject of suicide carries so many different thoughts and feelings, especially for those of us who have experienced the loss of a loved one from suicide. I wanted to come work on the White Mountain Apache reservation as a part of the suicide prevention team because I believe being here, being a part of your community, will hold many experiences and opportunities to be a part of the growth and strengthening that comes with efforts to honor and preserve life. I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful community program and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities to better myself as a person and as a counselor. Thank you for having me as a guest in your community.

Ginger Myers, MMFT, LMFT
Mental Health Counselor

Life is Precious Team - Nowhi' Ida' bagoye'






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If you, or your loved one is at risk of suicide know that here is help. The Apache Behavioral Health Services Life Is Precious Team is here to help and will follow up with a visit to anyone who is at risk of suicide. The most important question, when helping a person who may have thoughts of suicide is to "ASK" the person if they are having thoughts of suicide. Asking IF a person is feeling suicidal will be difficult but you will get answers and could possible save a life of someone you know or love. For any questions or concerns regarding the Life Is Precious Team contact us at 338-4811